Yojee (YOJ:ASX) is an ASX publicly listed technology company which has introduced new ways of working, communicating, and collaborating within the logistics industry.



Yojee’s best-in-class logistics software utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to optimise and manage delivery operations. Yojee can add value to logistics companies of all sizes at an affordable rate, on a transaction based fee model. We are here to empower small and medium enterprises with the ability to achieve cost efficiencies only the industry giants have enjoyed before, as well as to help large multinationals transition into the digital age seamlessly.



Our partners are seeking access to additional revenue and world class technology to optimise their existing logistics operations. This is where Yojee steps in to quickly build a delivery network across the Asia-Pacific region with global expansion plans via the power of the collaborative economy and the participation of respected and trusted carriers to help our partners achieve their goals.

We bring to the market the top logistics software that manages supply chain operations on a mass scale. The Yojee Software incorporates state-of-the-art technology and APIs so powerful that small to medium businesses have the ability to pull parcel capacity off the Yojee grid to enable greater revenue and increased efficiencies. The Yojee Software supports the mums and dads and the aspiring entrepreneurs competitive edge to compete in a legacy industry.