Talent International

Talent is a global technology and digital recruitment specialist. We are the largest independently-owned and operated people placement and solutions business in Australia and New Zealand, with over 300 employees and revenue in excess of AUD $600 million.

Whether you’re searching for your dream job, looking for a superstar to join your team or need a recruitment solution, we’ve got you covered. 

Our values

We're proud to share the values that guide how we work with our clients, candidates and our team. As we grow and expand our team, these values remain constant.

LEAD THE WAY // We have a profound desire to break from the pack and redefine recruitment. This means taking the lead on driving positive social change, finding creative solutions to help our clients, transforming the contractor experience and investing 50% of our profits into innovation. 

STRIVE FOR BETTER // We are determined to create answers to shortcomings we encounter – whether it's the lack of support for the startup sector, poor customer service in recruitment, or unacceptable levels of youth unemployment. We never settle with the status quo.

GIVE A DAMN // We launched Talent with the belief that we could create a company that went beyond the normal boundaries in terms of its compassion and care for people. Our desire to give back to our community goes beyond programs and initiatives, we walk the talk.