Victorian Public Service

The Victorian Government is responsible for public schools, health, policing, roads and traffic, public housing and business regulation.


What organisations make up the Victorian Government?

The Victorian Government consists of the Victorian Public Service (VPS) and the Victorian public sector. The VPS is made up of seven departments and a range of agencies and authorities that form the core of the Victorian Government.

The seven departments are:

The core Victorian Public Service agencies employ over 36,000 staff.

There are 33 public service agencies (or administrative offices) and 230 public sector agencies. These have been set up to manage statutory functions or operate as commercial enterprises in Victoria. Government is a key stakeholder or a source of funding for these agencies.

More than 265,000 people are employed across the whole Victorian Government public sector.

Public sector agencies fall into three main groups

The main groups are:

  • Education: these include all State schools, TAFE institutes and higher education institutions, including universities. Visit the education channel for more details.
  • Health: these organisations include metropolitan and regional public hospitals, community services, ambulance services, health registration boards and councils. Visit the health channel for more details.
  • Other: these include water authorities, emergency services and cemetery trusts.