Catholic Education Melbourne

Our Vision is for an outstanding Catholic education that equips our young people with the knowledge, skills, hope and optimism to live meaningful lives and shape and enrich the world around them.

Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Melbourne is a faith-based educational jurisdiction and a leading provider of school education in the third-largest Catholic diocese in the world.

Catholic Education Melbourne serves and leads Catholic schools in the Archdiocese. We provide a range of services to support about 18,700 teaching and non-teaching staff in 330 Catholic schools serving more than 153,000 students (March 2017 figures).

Our system has a rich history of dialogue and collaboration with state and national government departments and authorities. We play an important role in shaping and supporting national Catholic education priorities and policies.

Genuine partnerships with parents, parishes, religious institutes and the community actively support Catholic schools in educating students. We are committed to supporting schools to offer rich, deep and varied learning experiences to our students that support the development of the whole child.

We aim to assist schools to build teaching and leadership capabilities in communities of professionals who increasingly share system responsibility for school improvement and for achieving the best outcomes for our students.

The student is our first concern and our priority. We are committed to ensuring that we offer schools the most effective support to enable all students in Catholic schools to be engaged and creative learners who value excellence and effort, who see the importance of faith, and who have the knowledge, skills, hope and commitment to contribute to peace, justice and the flourishing of the human community.