State of North Carolina

  • Wake County, NC
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State of North Carolina NC, USA
Description of Work As of June 1, 2023, the new salary range will be 36,682 - 64,194. Salaries will be determined using this new salary range. Samarcand Training Academy is the primary training facility within the Department of Public Safety and provides both in-residence and commuter, basic and advanced training courses for Special Agents of the North Carolina SBI and ALE, Troopers of the North Carolina Highway Patrol, members of the North Carolina National Guard, officers of Probation & Parole and Juvenile Justice, officers with the UNC System, and members of county and municipal law enforcement from across the state. Samarcand Training Academy currently consists of two campuses; the 460-acre main campus in Moore County, and the 113-acre satellite campus in Montgomery County which is the future home of the Center for Safer Schools. The main campus is made up of 22 buildings; housing staff and instructor offices; a dining facility; a gymnasium; two (2) fitness centers; an...