Ivory Group

Ivory Group: Pairing People Perfectly

After living and breathing recruitment for years, our founders felt that the industry lacked care. They identified that, despite appearances, most recruiters didn’t put people first. Instead, valuing on-paper indicators like a person’s strengths and weaknesses, or the carefully-curated skills and experiences listed on their resume.

Our founders sought to challenge this by creating Ivory Group in 2010, a Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra recruitment company that cares first and foremost about people meeting people. To this day, it still holds true to this core value.

Over the years, Ivory Group has gone from strength to strength, growing to become one of Australia’s leading recruitment agencies. Now, we are versatile and diversified dominant/highly-regarded/ leaders in key recruitment sectors that service on a National basis.

We create perfect connections that make an impact on teams and lives. Let us revolutionise your business or career and help show you the way.


​Build Teams. Change Lives

Our goal is to better the recruitment industry and offer a superior service focused on people.

We seek to create meaningful careers and successful teams, matching quality people to their dream careers. That way, we can change lives and help to turn dreams into reality.