Green Light PS Pty Ltd

Green Light is a privately owned business founded in 2007. We are an outcome focused service provider that operates fixed and deliverable based pricing models.


We deliver great outcomes that empower our customers and allow them to prosper


Since the beginning, we have demonstrated consistent and substantial growth to become a major provider of IT services to systems integrators, telcos, consultancies and defence organisations in the global market. We operate on a partner only model and are vendor neutral.

Our approach to providing services as a partner is a unique model in Australia, one which we pride ourselves on offering. This one of a kind approach means that we can deliver cost effective, scalable, agile and flexible technical services and solutions.


We provide end-to-end services, helping our clients succeed with outsourced or multi-sourced services. Green Light’s service lines offer an agile scale up/scale down IT capability that allows our customers to bid for, win and deliver IT services and projects in a cost competitive manner – without having to maintain expensive benches of personnel themselves. 

Additionally, we provide the platform for our customers to better utilize their key talent in more senior and value-add roles in their businesses – as we are a safe pair of hands to complete tasks at the operational and delivery level. It is this level of service that has led Green Light to receive a BRW Fast 100 Award, identified as one of the fastest growing IT organisations in Australia.