We live and breathe Google

At Kasna, we help Australian businesses create exceptional customer experiences by leveraging Google Cloud technology on their Google journey.  We love the power and simplicity Google offers for turning cloud services into business outcomes. Whether we’re helping deliver better products on Google Cloud Platform, serving personalised customer experiences through analytics, or helping teams collaborate more effectively with workplace transformation tools – our passionate community of experts helps our customers bring cloud to market in innovative ways.

Who we are

Kasna is Australia’s premier Google solutions partner, covering all Google products from the cloud to the end-user device – Kasna lives and breathes Google.  We have consciously chosen Google technology as we believe that it has the most secure, advanced and enduring technology in the market. We know how to make Google work in your organisation – whether it is cloud technology, application development or collaboration, we’ve got it covered.

We are part of the rapidly growing Mantel Group of companies, which also includes the highly regarded Digio and Eliiza businesses. We share the same commitment to delivering the highest standards of solutions, as well as the most talented team in the industry and a culture of trust, collaboration and commitment to our clients’ success.

What makes us different is our expert team. The Kasna team are experienced technology professionals with a passion and commitment to open source and everything Google.  Our team members are certified in our Google specialisations, including: infrastructure, application development, machine learning/AI and collaboration.  The Kasna and Google teams work so closely together that sometimes it feels like we are part of the same company.