Security In Depth

Security in Depth are a Cyber Security research organisation. Our research is the foundation, the DNA, of who Security in Depth are, what decisions we make, the services and solutions we create and provide. When we think of cyber security we think of protecting our every day activities, from accessing our bank accounts, sharing information freely and easily online and trusting the services that we take for granted each and every day are safe. 

We started out in 2011 with the aim of providing world class training and support, over the years we researched and discovered the challenges both organisations and people had with protecting their digital assets and themselves and we made a decision to provide help and support around Cyber Security to our customers. We started out with research and then focused on building our technical capabilities -  focusing on ethical hacking or penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, code review and simulated attacks (red teaming).  Over the years, customers began to ask us for strategic advice and support and we built a team that now helps organisations with Cyber Governance, implementing security frameworks such as NIST and IS027001, we reasearched and educated and slowly grew. 

At the beginning of 2017, underpinned by our research, to develop products and solutions that provide immediate, real world assistance to any and every organisation. These are CARR (Cyber Assurance Risk Rating), Candiru - our simulated cyber attack solution and now GuardMyID - a program for helping organisations protect individuals who have been part of a major data breach as well as individuals who want the opportunity to protect their own digital identity. 

Our research, our commitment to customer care and our core focus to help organisations be safe has seen Security in Depth grow from a small office in Melbourne to now be situated in Sydney, North America and the UK.  Our staff, or research and our technology are recognised globally as industry leading  and we are focused on helping organisations continue to create solutions and services that help each and everyone of us in our daily lives - more securely.