Apex Laboratories Pty Ltd

About Apex

Since establishment in 1962 Apex Laboratories has grown to become Australia’s leading manufacturer of high-quality generic and proprietary veterinary pharmaceuticals, with prices that represent great value to the industry and consumers. Originally a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals for humans, Apex naturally continued to apply the same high standards of quality to veterinary products.

All our products adhere to veterinary Good Manufacturing Practice

All our products adhere to veterinary Good Manufacturing Practice – the standard set by APVMA, the Australian government authority. Our primary focus has always been to support veterinary practitioners in providing quality treatment for all animals. This philosophy lies at the heart of everything we do, from constant new product development and product improvements to direct financial support for the industry.

We support veterinary surgeons in postgraduate education at the University Sydney for Centre for Veterinary Education.

Apex Quality

Apex Laboratories takes pride in manufacturing and supplying only the highest quality pet-care products. With our origins as producers of human pharmaceuticals we’ve applied the same high manufacturing standards to our veterinary products for more than fifty years using only premium quality ingredients with both active and inactive materials.
We are licensed by Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority and uphold the principles determined by the code of Good Manufacturing Practice relating to premises, equipment, personnel and documentation. These principles ensure that quality is built into the manufacturing process itself, providing end-users with safe effective products.