The idea for Metigy was inspired while David Fairfull and Greg Brine were part of the We Are Social team. It called for technology that did not exist, and so a vision was sparked, and it has been driving our team ever since. Advances in technology had already delivered a mass of data, and there were plenty of tools to help you execute. The missing and critical components of insights and staregy, had not even been addressed. This critical element that informed and educated marketers, was very manual and mostly historical. It was also very expensive and not affordable for smaller enterprises, let alone bloggers and influencers. Why had technology not started to resolve this?

The data existed but it was dispirate and not easy to interpret, and even harder to transition into great ideas that really resonated with customers. It required resources and skills that not every organisation had. Surely technology could fulfill this promise and it was obvious that there was an incredible opportunity to help both professional and novice marketers, transition from analysing data to executing real-time insights and actions, using Artificial Intelligence. The inspiration and passion to empower all marketers and make marketing fun, is a challenge we are really enjoying.

Joined by Johnson Lin, David Watson and a wonderful supporting team, we launched Metigy. While we hate cliche's, we do love mantra's and our mantra is that while this is a lofty goal, it is really a journey and not a destination, and despite all the hard work, passion and progress to date, we are about 1% done. While we have been focused on channels where conversation occurs, to date, our ultimate plan is to apply our AI and actions based solution to all channels across the marketing stack. We are making marketing easy and fun, no matter what skill or objectives you have!