Cover Genius

Data science with a high confidence level

We sit on your website, ask you to give us lots of customer data and then what? For time immemorial the answer was a resounding "nothing". Welcome to the new era. Ours is an actuary-free zone crawling with data scientists who love the challenge that a big dataset provides. Lean in while we tell you who is loyal, who will churn, who needs a reach out, what products you should be selling to what cohorts & at what price.  

Customer Insights

Our patent-pending technology tells you who is loyal vs who you think is loyal, who is valuable, who to retain and who not to bother and which anonymous users you really need to meet.  

Dynamic Pricing

You've got a 33 y.o. from Mirdif in Dubai who visits your site 5 times a year for 94 seconds on average (never past the quote stage, always via your app) and who suddenly stopped travelling with his wife? We've got that cohort covered.  

Multivariate Testing 

Multivariate testing requires thousands of searches per week to get statistical significance. Thankfully we process millions, so we can run thousands of simultaneous tests every hour across our network.  

Data Viz

Our reporting makes marketers weep with joy. Bring love to your management and board reports with a presentation stack that vizualises lifetime values, churn models, monthly recurring revenue, optimization potential and more.


We're insurance experts so you don't have to be

Ever tried to write and price a customized policy for a local market, then adapted it for over 70 countries and dozens of underwriters, translated it into 20 languages, trained a small army of customer-facing subject matter experts, generated daily reports for every regulator, run thousands of multivariate tests per day, submitted dozens of policies to each regulator & built a platform for delivering those hundreds of policies? We have. Integrate us to save your sanity!

70+ Countries

We have multiple policies that are compliant and ready to be sold to 70+ source countries. We customize the products based on what's actually being sold in the same transaction. Just tell us what you need, actually just tell us via your API Request and we'll reply in a second or two.

End to end service

We send elegant emails to confirm transactions (& to encourage the refuseniks) and take incoming calls & emails mindfully 24/7 in 20 languages. We process claims as if it's a family heirloom and our app educates your customers about insurance. Everything is done by us based on your input - we're your partner after all.

Bespoke policies

Our patented technology delivers high (or ltd.) liability policies that auto-renew (annuals), that pay claims in any currency, that can be customised individually and that can be complemented with paid & free options that you get to request such as roadside cover or emergency accommodation.

Truly global

We're in 20 languages & 70+ countries. Global insurers typically give you 30 or so countries (Europe & a few others on a good day) and 1 language. We have dozens of "global", regional & domestic insurers. Our partners request policies that their customers truly need.