The Yield AgTech Solutions

The Yield Story

The Yield is an Australian agricultural technology company. We’re on a mission to transform food and farming practices by building secure, scalable digital technology. 

We work closely with produce growers to design our products because we’re committed to solving real challenges – at farm level and throughout the food chain.

No one knows the land better than growers. We want to help them make faster, more informed decisions that impact yield and reduce their risks. We do this by providing an integrated set of AgTech solutions that sense, analyse and predict on-farm growing conditions, and then deliver information in a usable format.

The Yield technology combines hardware, data analytics and user-friendly apps. Our AgTech solutions can be applied across the food chain to help increase yield, reduce waste, mitigate the risk and cost associated with bad weather, and aid environmental sustainability.

The world needs to produce 60 per cent more food by 2050 to feed the planet. This is happening during a time of unprecedented resource constraints and climate change. Our vision is to help meet this challenge without compromising the future.

It’s this challenge that brings us together. The Yield has a highly-focused team combining leading engineers, data scientists, agriculturists and technologists. We have a deep commitment to open innovation, collaboration and diversity.