Teach For Australia


Our vision is of an Australia where all children,
regardless of background, attain an excellent education.


The values that we stand for as an organisation are as follows:

Empowering Greatness

We see great possibilities and strive to bring them to life. We seek to lead by example and are agents for change in ourselves, in students and in our society. We create empowering learning environments that enable others to excel.

Outcome Driven

We are inspired by ambitious goals and pursue them with determination. We use data to think critically about problems and solutions. We take personal responsibility for delivering meaningful, measurable impact within time-frames that are challenging and motivating.


We strive to build effective, professional relationships within and across sectors. We have a collaborative mindset that opens us to the opportunities and expertise available through partnerships. We work together – within the organisation, with our Associates and with partners, to achieve the individual and systemic changes we seek.

Humility and Learning

We respect and seek to learn from the communities we serve and the people with whom we work. We recognise the limits of our own experience, ask questions and seek diverse perspectives to inform our views. We work with curiosity and resourcefulness, engage in honest self-reflection and look for ways to continuously improve.


We bring energy and creativity to everything we do. We are excited by new ideas and look for new ways to do things that will bring us closer to achieving our goals. We embrace the opportunity to operate outside our comfort zone as a chance to grow and innovate.


We are resilient when faced with obstacles and undaunted by the scale of the change we seek. We rise to the challenge and never forget why we do what we do.