The Next Level - Sales Sytem


We’re about better sales. It’s that simple.

For over 30 years, Glenn Guilfoyle and his team have been building an incredible knowledge bank in sales expertise and technology, and it’s this priceless intelligence which forms the foundation of the “Next Level Sales System”.


There are so many things your sales team shouldn’t be doing.

At the heart of what drives The Next Level’s success is the innate knowledge that, whatever product or service you’re selling, optimised execution in sales requires a finely tuned focus. The system within which your sales force operates should not be defined or administered by individuals.


You need a dynamic system that does it all for them.

Glenn is known for saying, “Formula one drivers do not tend their engines. Great tennis players do not string their rackets. Neither should good sales people have to decide the right people, the right approach, or the right proposition… the system that supports them, should guide them.”


And similar dynamics apply to the  Australian Retail Pharmacy industry

With the rapid change characterizing this sector,  service and community based pharmacists and their teams need to urgently reinvent the way they provide service to remain relevant and financially viable.  The Next Level has adapted its sales team optimization capability , tools and methodologies to assist pharmacy teams provide a total engagement; complete solution service model … giving the customer a greater health visit experience and in turn helping the pharmacy offset otherwise declining margins.