Department of Health and Human Services

We develop and deliver policies, programs and services that support and enhance the health and wellbeing of all Victorians.

Our vision is to achieve the best health, wellbeing and safety of all Victorians so that they can lead a life they value.

We take a broad view of the causes of ill health, the drivers of good health, the social and economic context in which people live, and the incidence and experience of vulnerability. This allows us to place people at the heart of policy making, service design and service delivery.

The department’s structure provides for integrated work across health and human services.

The department provides many services directly to the community through its operational divisions, located across 17 areas of the state. Each division covers a mix of rural outer-metropolitan and inner-metropolitan areas of Victoria.

In addition, we fund almost 2,000 other organisations to deliver vital health and human services care. We also partner with other parts of the Victorian public service, federal and local governments and communities to build community infrastructure capacity, participation and resilience.

The combined effort of these partners working together drives positive long-term change for individuals and families, particularly those with multiple and complex needs spanning issues such as mental health, housing, drugs and alcohol, chronic health conditions and disability.