Tyro Payments

Tyro is Australia’s largest fintech and newest bank. We’re giving the business banking world a good shake up, with smart technology that save Australian businesses time and money. We’re born different. We don’t follow the easy path, we blaze our own unique trail. And for most of us, zigging in a world that zags isn’t a choice. And we want like-minded people who understand where we’re coming from and where we’re going. When it comes to banks, lots of them say they’re different. But Tyro really is different. We don’t do mortgages, personal loans, or investments. We’re all about business. We may be new, but what we lack in heritage, we make up for with relentless determination and a focus on the future. Our singular goal is to make life better for business owners with superior products and services that are simple and seamless so our customers, and our people, can keep zigging and blazing our own unique trail.

Our 400 strong team of Tyros, just like our customers, are the lifeblood of our business. We go to great lengths to ensure a positive and enjoyable employee experience for all. We offer some amazing employee benefits such as a generous training budget, regular training for professional and personal development, 16 weeks paid primary carers leave, 3 weeks paid secondary carers leave, annual team based volunteer day and 17.5% leave loading. We are a social bunch, we have a number of craft beer kegs (selection of beers carefully selected by our very own beer connoisseurs in engineering), ciders, wide selection of wine, breakfast options, a variety of snacks, a ping pong table, broad selection of board and video games and an awesome rooftop area for socialising, all available to be enjoyed.