At Intellify, we forge competitive advantage for our customers by helping them to leverage their data assets, enabling them to become smarter and data driven. We deliver innovative solutions that drive real business value and create exponential growth with cutting edge AI technology, via three service lines:

1. Strategic Advisory - To create and design your AI roadmap & strategy
2. Consulting & Execution - To design & implement AI solutions
3. Managed Services - To ensure ongoing, operational excellence

Our focus is on delivering solutions that add real business value to clients. This means that the impact of our solutions is measurable; delivers tangible benefits in weeks, not years; and maximises their ROI.

We are first and foremost Artificial Intelligence specialists. All our consultants have years of industry experience in delivering data science and machine learning projects in addition to strong technical degrees in computer science, statistics, and IT. We are experts in translational data science – meaning we understand business, business language, and the specific AI solutions that will deliver the best results.

Our solutions are built on the latest, most sophisticated cloud technologies and algorithms. As an AWS partner, we leverage their cloud services so that clients can receive all the benefits of the cloud: cost efficiency, scalability, flexibility, manageability, and security; in addition to those provided by our specialised artificial intelligence solutions.