Data Talent Australia

Since 2013, Data Talent has been intrinsically associated with the data landscape; working on key recruitment assignments across Data Science, Analytics & Data Engineering, Digital & IoT. The founder of Data Talent, Gino Lancaster, has been involved in the recruitment industry for the past 25 years and has extensive experience in recruiting strategic people from across the globe, including Europe, United States, Singapore and Australia.

Data Talent Australia has engaged with a number of innovative organisations to work on strategic search assignments, including Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analytics Consultants / Analysts, Head of Data Engineering, Head of Data Science, Data Analytics & Insights Managers, along with Strategic and Senior Executive positions. We have put in place innovative plans, with a vision to drive engagement within the executive and strategic talent sphere and become the No 1 executive recruitment partner in this field.

When we engage with a Client, we go further than taking down a job description, rather we consult and add value to the process. To offer you some insight, we recently recruited a number of Head/Manager of Data Analytics & Insights. And we found a common thread: that the client had recruited an experienced analytics team, consisting of data scientists and data engineers, however, there were concerns that the team were not delivering actionable insights to the stakeholders. The team tended to go “down the rabbit hole” and delivered insights that were of no real long-term benefit to the business.

So we have worked closely with senior directors to understand their requirements: namely an executive leader who can align with the business and contribute to their vision and strategy, and importantly, someone who understands the underlying working mechanism of the analytics team. What the team is delivering must be contributing to the business and then they can become an asset rather than a cost.