With You With Me

“It takes courage to learn a new skill…”

Born out of a mission to solve BIG problems, the WithYouWithMe team is dedicated to helping under-utilised groups to become a competitive talent in the job market. With innovative tech solutions and industry-leading training, we are solving underemployment across the globe by focusing on the ‘Future of the Worker’, not just the ‘Future of Work’.

Our Online Talent Incubation Program develops and upskills talented military professionals to transition them successfully into industry by overcoming the ‘skills gap’ through our Pathway and Mentoring Model. Our software allows mentees to conduct a Military Profile and Personality Assessment which ensures WithYouWithMe’s tested Job Fit Algorithm allocates them to right Job Pathway and translates their military position and experience into industry skills.

Once on a pathway our mentees are allocated an individual Upskill Program to develop the needed Job Pathway “hard skills”, receive guidance by a mentor in industry and finally are tested through work experience programs to become highly sought-after members of industry. Our focus is on workforce "Development"‚Äč, long term career growth and challenging traditional placement systems and services. Reach out to hear about our Talent Incubation Solutions.