5th Kind

5th Kind is the workflow backbone used by the world’s most innovative entertainment companies and consumer brands.

Inspired by the creative process, built for true digital collaboration and dedicated to driving bottom-line efficiencies. CORE by 5th Kind centralizes and secures all digital files to improve collaboration, eliminate duplication, simplify access and reduce costs.

With CORE, you can gather all of your production information, files, and content into a central organized and secure environment. Working with productions such as the Dark Knight, Speed Racer, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Watchmen, 5th Kind has used the latest technology to develop a system that stream lines and allows you to easily monitor your production work flow.

* Effectively manage and secure all metadata and assets across the whole production process.

* Increase the speed and accuracy of your search for assets and production information.

* Ensure version control is maintained so no users work with the wrong files.

* Enhance and monitor production processes and workflow by increasing transparency and communication.

* Secure your assets using the latest in video and image watermarking, encryption, tracking, and access controls.

* Remotely manage your assets across locations for any production, department, or studio workflow.