Do you adore working with data and new technology? Do you love helping customers understand their needs and achieve their goals? We're looking for you to join our fast-paced and varied team. You can have either a technical background or a BA/PM background, as long as you're passionate about data, comfortable with running with several projects at once, and focused on providing the best outcome for our clients. We have full-time and part-time roles available for the right candidate.



Generous compensation.

Continuous training opportunities in the latest Microsoft technologies.

Friendly and supportive work environment.

Flexible work arrangements available.



The role:

We work closely with all the delivery teams at BizData to ensure a high quality outcome for our clients. Whether it's a data warehousing, intelligent systems, machine learning, big data, or planning project,

we help our clients clarify their needs by technical prototyping, assist with the development and keep our clients involved throughout the process. Our aim is to be our clients' trusted partners, so that we can help them on every step of their analytics journey. Our role requires us to be up to date with technologies across the Microsoft stack, including, but not limited to, Power BI, SQL Server, Azure Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, python and R. You will never be bored.




About BizData

BizData is an internationally award winning Data Analytics Agency. We specialise in rapid delivery of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Business Intelligence solutions, leveraging Microsoft and Open Source technology. BizData is widely recognised for excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions that spearhead a data-driven culture for everyone.