Digivizer is Australia's leading social technology company. Since 2010 our data-driven products have helped businesses of all shapes and sizes create better experiences for their customers by knowing more about people and what they care about.

By making sense of social data, our technology identifies the size, scope and potential of the opportunity to grow your business through social. You can see the big picture across platforms, target active audiences with paid media, and set up triggers to notify you of potential new leads so you can take action instantly. By continuously refining your efforts based on real-time analysis of how your brand is performing, you'll save money and increase ROI by doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

We’ve delivered millions of dollars in earned media for clients using our powerful technology and analytics capabilities to define customer targets, their segments, and those who influence them. We've worked with businesses to create meaningful social activations that cut through and deliver increases in sales, improvements in brand awareness, and better engagements with customers.

Now, we're serious about helping businesses grow by making the best of our technology available to every business. Worldwide.