Driscoll's Australia Pty Ltd

Ever since Driscoll’s first strawberry patch was planted over 100 years ago in California, the name has been synonymous with beautiful berries. In Australia, Driscoll’s partners with Costa and in New Zealand with The Fresh Berry Company to bring berry magic to many people’s lives.


The Driscoll’s story

The Driscoll’s story began in 1904, when friends Joseph ‘Ed’ Reiter and R.O. Driscoll planted their patented Sweet Briar strawberries in the Pajaro Valley, US.

Over the decades, their strawberry business grew and grew, they introduced new berries to their farms, and Driscoll’s became well known for its sweeter, juicier berries.


Driscoll’s in Australia

The Driscoll’s name was brought to Australia in 2010 when a partnership was formed between Costa and Driscoll’s Strawberry Associates, Inc (US).

Costa is Australia’s largest grower, packer and marketer of premium quality fresh produce, and grows beautiful berries in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australian and Tasmania. Its berry farmers are the perfect fit for Driscoll’s – they care as much about the quality of berries as we do.

Through this valued partnership, as well as an alliance with independent farmers all over the country, Australians can enjoy some of the best berry varieties in the world.

We are able to share the very best berries thanks to our ongoing investment in research and varietal development. Driscoll’s proudly leads the way in berry genetics and we continually improve farming practices to deliver Only the Finest Berries™.