en world group

en world is a group of recruiting consultancy group specializing in mid-career professional roles across Asia-Pacific. Operating from 6 countries, we support global companies’ recruitment needs through our network in Japan, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, India and Vietnam. In 2010 we became part of en-japan inc., a leading provider of recruitment services in Japan, we aim to be the most trusted recruitment and career partner in the Asia Pacific region.

The philosophy of “success after joining” permeates everything we do. We understand that changing jobs is one of the biggest decisions you can make. After all, your work is your livelihood, and it affects not only yourself and your company but your family, colleagues, and, ultimately, society in general.

Our aim is to provide value and foster success from the moment we meet. When we engage with a company or candidate, our number one goal is to enable a transition that creates long-term success, by supporting them every step of the way. We help candidates smoothly exit their current situation and add value to their new company, and we help companies ensure that new team members thrive and have a strong impact on their business.