Housing and Public Works

The Department of Housing and Public Works delivers a range of housing, building and procurement services.

We work to ensure that our most in need Queenslanders have access to housing and homelessness assistance. This assistance is provided through government-owned and managed social housing, and grant funding to registered providers. We also help thousands of low income earners to enter and remain in the private rental market.

Another key focus for the department is to provide policy, advice and delivery of services to government agencies in the areas of construction, asset and facilities management, procurement and fleet management.


Our major areas are:

Following machinery-of-government changes approved on 12 December 2017, the following divisions from the previous Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation have joined our department:

Sport and Recreation, from the previous Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing, is also part of our department.

Following further machinery-of-government changes approved 9 February 2018, the additional divisions from the previous Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation have joined the department:


Our vision

Working together to make a difference to Queenslanders by building better, safer places to live and work.

Our values

Our people are engaged in what they do and are committed to:

  • putting customers first: we will focus on our customers at all levels by understanding them and delivering what matters
  • transforming ideas into action: we will be responsive and innovative in delivering solutions by encouraging and embracing new ideas, and working across boundaries
  • unleashing potential: we will excel by being clear about our vision and continue to challenge ourselves
  • being courageous: we will take calculated risks to achieve better outcomes
  • empowering people: we will empower our people to lead by example within an integrated department
  • ensuring a safe work environment: we will ensure the safety of our workers, customers, contractors, other stakeholders and the public.


Our professional standards and practice

We are committed to high standards of professional conduct, and honest and ethical business practices. We also have a zero tolerance approach towards fraud and corruption and expect an ethical standard of conduct from the people and entities we interact with.