Victorian Agency for Health Information (VAHI)

VAHI was created in 2017 as part of Victorian Government reforms to overhaul quality and safety across Victoria’s healthcare system.

By analysing and sharing information across Victoria’s healthcare system, we will build an accurate picture of public and private hospital and health service performance. Our initiatives will enhance the flow of timely, accurate and meaningful information to those responsible for health service oversight including health service boards, management and clinicians.

We produce regular reports for health services to monitor safety and performance by looking at data such as rates of potentially preventable infections and readmissions. Health services can see their performance against targets and compare it to similar health services.

We also collect and report on patients’ experiences of Victoria’s public health services and work with a range of stakeholders to produce reports on selected topics of interest to the public.

This increased access to information will stimulate quality and safety improvements and increase transparency and accountability. It will also inform the Victorian community, providing patients and carers with meaningful and useful information about the services and care in their local area.