Metropolitan Waste Management Group

What we do

We work with Melbourne's 31 metropolitan councils to:

  • plan for waste management and resource recovery facilities and services across metropolitan Melbourne
  • facilitate joint procurement of facilities and services to provide better economic, environmental and waste management outcomes for councils
  • help build the capacity and knowledge of councils and their communities of world best practice waste minimisation and the opportunities and options available for improved services and infrastructure.


Our vision

To reduce waste and maximise resource recovery in the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Region.


Our aims are to:

  • minimise the generation of waste
  • maximise the sustainable recovery of materials from waste
  • achieve best practice siting and operation of waste and resource recovery facilities by integrating statutory and strategic planning
  • facilitate continual development and improvement of waste and resource recovery infrastructure and services
  • minimise the damage to the environment caused by residual waste disposal
  • build capacity and promote waste and resource recovery best practice infrastructure and services for councils, businesses and the community through education, networks and partnerships.

We achieve this by collaborating with government, industry and community partners to plan, facilitate and deliver an integrated and sustainable waste and resource recovery system for the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Region.