About us

We’re creating a new era in dental cover.


We’re all about your smile

There are so many reasons why having a beautiful, healthy smile for life matters. We believe a beautiful smile gives you confidence and raises your spirit. And we know that looking after your smile by going to the dentist leads to a healthier and happier life.

We’re not scared of a challenge

We’re creating a new era in dental cover so everyone can afford a smile that keeps them healthy and makes them proud. It’s a grand challenge but together, we know we can do it!

Our journey

Our network of exceptional dentists started out as a few partner dentists in Brisbane & has now grown to nearly 2,000 partner dentists across every state and territory in Australia. It’s no surprise to us that with over 1,000,000 members, we're the fastest growing dental cover in Australia.

Keeping it simple

Our dental cover is all about keeping things simple: saving money on all dental treatments at quality approved dentists, every visit. No limits, no exclusions, no waiting, no claiming, no confusion. Dental cover with total freedom!

We need your help

We’re on a mission to make quality dental care more accessible for the people of Australia. So that’s why we’re leading a new era in dental cover. We have come so far already but we need your help to spread the word. Tell your friends and family, and together, we can make sure everyone keeps smiling!