Our Vision

Build a diverse, safe and successful working environment at BLACKROC with hard work, genuine communication, and integrity.

Through BLACKROC Foundation we want to change the way students see possibilities in the commercial world and help them create a dream to work toward.


Our Values

  •  Communication is leadership.
  •  Take ownership. Get it done.
  •  Build & shape a better future.


Our Vision

Our purpose is to set students up for work-life success, by helping them feel more confident about entering the workplace. Our mentors handpick 2 students in their final years of schooling and help prepare them for life after school.

Every month and after hours, we give up our time to High Schools and Universities sharing our latest industry learnings by teaching students how to get what they want after school. By creating more sustainable opportunities, managing their personal brand, understanding how to career test, get through and build commercial relationships with decision makers, and begin to secure their best work life.

Using BLACKROC's commercial networks, we facilitate connections between good employers from the professional services industries, with our students who are ready and willing to be the stars of tomorrow. Our goal is to help 20 students a year achieve a career they're happy and fulfilled in.