Round Table Courses

We are based in Sydney where the courses are delivered by highly qualified instructors who create and delivery their content on best practices gained from real life extensive experience working on enterprise-grade projects such as Pizza Hut, IBM, Mailplus (Australia Post), Sumo Salad as well as nextgen startups around the world.

Our courses are suitable for individuals holding c-suite positions such as CIO’s, CTO’s, as well as System Administrators or people seeking to change careers and looking to gain employment within the tech sector.

Round Table Courses allow you to gain practical skills with hands on experience and a comprehensive understanding of adopting nextgen solutions like Cloud and DevOps/Security practices within your organisation.

The skills gained from these courses will enable its students to excel their careers within a industry that is rapidly growing presenting lucrative opportunities.

Top graduating students will have the unique opportunity to undertake internships with Round Table Apps to work on current projects as well as have the opportunity to work with our talent partners to gain further assistance with resume creation and job placement support.