Online investing is complex and outdated. Worse, as only financial data is available, people are inadvertently supporting bad business. Ultimately, the 'disruptors' in the category haven't gone far enough. As a result, many choose not to invest.

Introducing Goodments; a new way of investing for a new generation. It gives people the complete picture of a company's performance by adding Ethical, Governance and Social (ESG) ratings to Financial data. Giving investors real understanding of a businesses long term stability and importantly, its impact on the world we live in.

Goodments also vastly simplifies the process by allowing investors to create a profile based on their values and receive options that match. In doing so, it overhauls the decision making process and taking out the need to be an 'expert'.

The clincher is that sustainable investing drives higher returns. Up to 3x higher returns according to Clean200 and the RIAA. So we're confident its a win