It's your business, but you can't run it alone.

While you’re building and nurturing your business at the coalface, it’s CCIQ's job to take care of the bigger picture by creating an environment in which your business can thrive.


We support you in many ways.

Since 1868, CCIQ has been here to ensure Queensland businesses like yours have the best chance to prosper.

Since 1868 we’ve made it our business to represent, protect and nourish Queensland businesses in every way possible.

By delivering valuable membership benefits like our HR hotline, we’re able to fund advocacy and campaigns which speak up for freedom of enterprise and increased rights for people who own and run their own business.

Through our expansive network of members and partners, we’re able to generate insights which give you a commercial edge, and present you with opportunities not available to others.

In every way, we’ve taken the lead role in creating the best possible environment for Queensland businesses to succeed, because we know that by taking care of business we’re helping every Queenslander reach their full potential.


CCIQ also operates several other helpful business services including:

  •, an online business registration service
  • QAssure accreditation for ICT businesses
  • ecoBiz, a free eco-efficiency initiative for any Queensland business
  • our export document certification service, CCIQTradeDocs
  • as a Regional Certifying Body for RSMS visa advice