Alex Kaar

At Alex Kaar we appreciate that the essence of our business is people; and our vision is to support individuals and organisations to exceed their own expectations and achieve personal and commercial success.

We have a commitment to continuously develop ourselves and improve the quality of our services. Above all, we value the quality of our relationships and this unique culture has already attracted exceptional people to our firm. As executive search consultants, the broad commercial insights we provide can have significant impact on your career and business success and we are passionate about our responsibility.

We believe in providing both candidates and clients with an outstanding customer experience and building meaningful long-term relationships. The key to success is building intimate and personal relationships, and maintaining honesty and integrity. We acknowledge that there is a three dimensional relationship between client, candidate and Alex Kaar and our philosophy is that the foundations of success are built upon strong partnerships.

Alex Kaar understands that it has a responsibility for the economic, social, and environmental implications of its actions. We are committed to operating our business in a manner that is responsible in regard to legal obligations and according to relevant regulations and codes of practice. We are also committed to operating in a way that is both sustainable and environmentally appropriate.