Seeing Machines is a world leader in driver-machine interaction. We harness human factors science to create artificial intelligence (AI) technology that observes the driver’s attention – reliably, unobtrusively, and in real time – and intervenes seamlessly when necessary.

Seeing Machines specialises in computer vision algorithms that precisely track eye gaze, head position and pupil size, and our state-of the-art AI technology analyses the data to quickly and accurately detect driver drowsiness, distraction and microsleep events.

At Seeing Machines, we use big data to develop an understanding of the real-world safety behaviours of drivers, and we design human sensing technology to address these behaviours in order to help make the world a safer, smarter place for drivers and the wider community.

Currently applied in driver monitoring systems (DMS) for cars and fleet trucks – DMS being increasingly regarded as crucial to automotive safety technology and autonomous driver assistance systems (ADAS) for autonomous vehicles – as well as in tram, rail and aviation scenarios, Seeing Machines’ core technology can be used for a range of mission critical safety applications, even in extreme environments.

From its base in Canberra, Australia, Seeing Machines serves a growing market in Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, and counts Caterpillar, General Motors, Emirates, Bosch, Progress Rail, Coach USA and Transport for London among its major clients.