Culture Counts Pty Ltd

Imagine a scenario where cultural organisations around the world are measuring the quality of their work using a standardised set of metrics that they themselves have shaped.

Imagine they are using new mobile technologies and web-served databases to benefit from real-time data analytics; gaining immediate insight into the cultural experiences of their audiences, participants and peers.

Imagine they are using this data to make better cultural programming decisions, focus marketing efforts and grow audiences.

Imagine too that they are connecting, benchmarking and sharing these insights, to attract greater support and resources for themselves and the sector.

This is the scenario that Culture Counts has been striving to create, working in close partnership with the cultural sector in England and Australia.

Culture Counts cares passionately about supporting our partners to produce richer stories about their unique impact and value, facilitate deeper engagement and interaction with audiences and communities, and build stronger cases for support and investment.

Many other sectors are already working with us, keen to shape their impact and value story in the same way that the cultural sector has. If you need a better way to measure and communicate your value, join the Culture Counts community.