We are a team of self-driven professionals with dreams, uncompromising values and a purpose.

We are led by diverse, passionate, professional & ethical leaders from IT industry with deep industry domain knowledge.

Every member of the leadership team has an excellent track record in making a difference in the industry within a high performance environment. This is coupled with the passion to create a high performance global venture with a difference and in doing the right things based on our core values, we are absolutely committed to deliver beyond satisfaction and therefore, to make a real impact to our Clients' business and to make a difference in the Community we live in.

At Sciente Consulting, we work with large global multi-national companies within banking, financial services, insurance and telecommunications industries to address their business and technology integration challenges.

And at Sciente International, with our deep business & technology domain expertise, we make our clients’ lives easier in the area of IT Talent management.

Most importantly, these successful & profit making businesses sponsor the social innovations and community services to achieve an objective and a purpose, which are much larger than business.