Baird Australia

Founded in 1981, our mission is to provide the best in engineering and science in coastal, riverine, estuarine and ocean environments. Baird is one team worldwide, dedicated to bringing our clients our expertise and passion on every project. Baird is built by innovators, pioneers and visionaries who proudly and consistently serve our clients with professionalism, dedication, and creativity. Our team is always looking for new opportunities to help create a better future for our coastal resources and communities.

Baird has worked exclusively ‘where water meets land’ in river, estuary and coastal environments for almost four decades. We are an organization of scientists, engineers and designers specializing in professional services exclusively for projects at the land-water interface. We undertake projects ranging in size from small planning studies to designs of large development projects with construction costs in excess of $150 million.

Baird has developed a key philosophy as a firm that distinguishes us from our competitors. We are dedicated to integrating the scientific components of a project with excellence in design and engineering. Our niche modeling expertise is applied frequently, we are experienced and efficient at doing the work, we understand the limitations and uncertainties associated with these techniques, and how they translate into decisions on the ground. This blend of expertise provides Baird the ability to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions on very complex and challenging sediment projects.

Scientists and engineers participate on all our projects from concept through analysis and modeling to design implementation. Our success is founded on our ability to communicate each other in a clear and open manner. We embrace the discipline to listen to, and to understand, the needs and views of our clients and of stakeholder groups.