PBI Search

PBI search is a small, flexible and highly internationally experienced recruitment service.

Our size is our greatest asset, it enables us the speed and agility with which to adapt to the moving market conditions which influence the modern talent market.

There can be many outcomes from an assignment and we are ever mindful not only of our own brand but also that of our client that no negative impact shall be made through our activities. We actively seek to support our clients, recognising that many modern employers have themselves internal staff and processes which enable them to attract and close with talented professionals.

At PBI Search we have carved out a niche in providing specialist support in seeking out and engaging with specialised and highly sought after professionals throughout the local region as well as internationally.

Where we differ a lot from our competitors is the way that we go about our business. We treat all of the professionals who we engage with in a transparent, professional and respectful manner.

At PBI Search we see these professionals being as much the client as we do the employer we represent.