PM-Partners Group

Driving business agility and performance

Business and government departments of all sizes are having to overhaul old business models, systems and ingrained ways of working. This leads to increasing levels of disruptive change and ambitious strategies that challenge conventional thinking.

For over 20 years the PM-Partners group have worked with private and public sector organisations to run projects, programmes and PMOs or provide the advice and support needed to help run them better.

Our experienced people provide Resourcing, Delivery, Advisory and Capability services, supported by our long-term investment in tools, assets and solutions.


What have we done for our clients:

Helping clients turn strategy into operational agility and performance by:

  • Reducing operating cost and delivery risk with a project workforce as a Managed Service
  • Improving skills and qualifications across an entire project workforce for a large international engineering firm
  • Providing the right people at the right time to run critical programmes and projects in NSW government departments and major Australian banks
  • Mobilising a PMO in 20 days with people, tools and systems to support a transformation
  • Reducing the volatility of a major scale agile transformation whilst supporting implementation
  • Saving time, cost and reputation damage with a project health check ($1m saving in NZ banking project)

Established over 20 years, 380 people, client project portfolio over $3B+, train and certify 10,000+ professionals each year, advise and support agile and PMO environments for Australia’s leading organisations and government departments.