NSW Health

The NSW Ministry of Health supports the executive and statutory roles of the Health Cluster and Portfolio Ministers. 

The NSW Ministry of Health also has the role of ‘system manager’ in relation to the NSW public health system, which operates more than 230 public hospitals, as well as providing community health and other public health services, for the NSW community through a network of local health districts, specialty networks and non-government affiliated health organisations, known collectively as NSW Health.

The Ministry of Health guides the development of services and investments in the NSW public health system to ensure that the health priorities of the Government’s NSW are achieved for the community of NSW.

In 2014, the NSW State Health Plan was released, to set the priorities across the system for the delivery of ‘the right care, in the right place, at the right time’ and outline the next steps we need to take to keep delivering world-class care in NSW. The Plan provides the strategic framework that brings NSW Health’s existing programs, plans and policies together, and highlights the strategies to deliver on health priorities and improved health outcomes.