• Sydney NSW, Australia

&next is a hands-on consultancy for data-driven customer experiences and digital transformation.

&next was established on the human truth that people seek meaningful interactions.
Companies that are able to deliver these meaningful interactions at scale will outperform their competition.
&next helps organisations to integrate data analytics with an inclusive high-performance culture, empowering their workforce to deliver engaging experiences across all touchpoints in real-time.

Authentic meaningful interactions are designed by people for people, even when delivered through a chatbot or other AI tools. To deliver engaging experiences at scale, team capabilities need to be leveraged by modern technology and a lean operations model.
Our customised digital transformation programs embed data driven decision making, true customer centricity and lean management 4.0 principles as end-to-end service, building agile “augmented organisations” of the future.

We usually start as collaborative service providers, then training teams on the job and expanding internal capabilities. Over time more and more parts of projects can be done in-house and our role changes from a service provider to coach and advisor.

Our vision is enabling our clients to grow sustainably with a nimble Customer First attitude that provides value to their customers'​ lives with truly personalised and meaningful conversations & transactions. All developed and delivered by a motivated and empowered in-house team, constantly asking “What is the next best action for our customers/clients?”