Rokt connects the world’s biggest brands and e-commerce sites with customers in a buying state of mind. We reach them at the exact moment they're most receptive—the moment of purchase—to introduce them to something new, something exciting. By saying hi the moment it matters most, we create relationships that last a lifetime. We turn people into your people, and customers into repeat customers.

Rokt helps advertisers acquire customers at scale. Every month, Rokt opens the door to more than 100 million transactions and matches your messages with the right person to deliver 10x higher engagement than traditional digital advertising.

Rokt’s platform covers a network of partners consisting of some of the world’s most trusted brands. We boost revenue on our partners’ sites 50x and help them execute marketing efforts during transactions in a more engaging and effective way for customers.

Rokt makes powerful connections with consumers at the very moment they’re most receptive to marketing messages and offers, when they’ve just made an online transaction. Rokt-created links with consumers achieve 100x higher engagement levels than traditional digital advertising.